Blog Roar – 10 Facts About The Blog Woman

I am The Blog Woman.  Hear me roar.


Here I Am, 10 Things, For Better or Worse:

  1.   I was born by Sandra and raised by Rachel.
  2.   I have had 8 cars.
  3.   Early years medical mash:  hole in my heart, broken arm, chicken pox, concussion
  4.   I have 7 piercings and 1 tattoo.
  5.   I have lived at 19 addresses.
  6.   I was pushed out of an airplane.
  7.   I stood on top of the highest point in the continental USA.
  8.   Pro-epidural, pro-choice, pro-volunteerism, pro-bio fuel.
  9.   My first cat was named Farkle.
  10.   My children are the Joys in my life.  Joy2 made this meme of Joy1, clearly because he cares.


The Blog Woman is my latest writing platform and I’m still unpacking, excuse the boxes.

About theblogwoman

Bull-headed, focused, loyal. I pay attention. Don’t underestimate me: good and bad. Watch what happens when you start coming with me.
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3 Responses to Blog Roar – 10 Facts About The Blog Woman

  1. I like the name, but what made you choose ‘Farkel’ ?


    • theblogwoman says:

      Brilliant question! I was only 4 when we got and named Farkle so only understood this naming years later. My father had named my mother’s long-haired calico, Mirkle, (after the word Mirkin), which we as kids just thought was a silly word so when he suggested the perfect match for Mirkle would be Farkle, we loved it. My father is also an avid game player. Yes, he played us kids like a fiddle – and laughed all the way down the parenthood path.

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