Judgment, The Big Elephant In The Room?


The Big Elephant Is Big Obvious

There is a part of me that I don’t want to acknowledge openly but it is there and needs to be outed for some reason. It’s a version of being judgmental that seems necessary to keep. As a rule, I am against passing judgment on others. On the other hand, I believe there are reasons we have to judge others at times as a survival mechanism.

Judging Others To Survive

To survive in the world, we need to use all of our experience and knowledge combined to make decisions. Decisions are judgments. Decisions aren’t wrong but we are taught that judgment is wrong. Is it passing judgment for a woman to not open her front door to a stranger? What about a parent forbidding a child from associating with certain other children? Do we choose who to befriend or date, marry, or interact with because they are different than we are or the same? Is it possible that we instinctively trust people who look like ourselves because we think we understand similar looking people? Is it appearance that we trust?  In an ideal world we would trust others based solely on their behavior but that also requires judging behavior.

A person being judged will likely always take offense – I know I have been the object of judgment and did not appreciate it. But I figure I live in a free country and part of that freedom is people having the right to pass judgment if they choose. I can do it and I can be the recipient of such. Viola, passing judgment is a right. I am not talking about bias or judgment without true cause – this is where judgment gets sticky – basing choices on appearance vs. behavior and how the outcome will impact anyone involved.

Judgment Is Like A Gun

Guns Don't Kill

When does passing judgment become a morally broken compass?  Aha, the too many layered topic.  It is interesting that as complicated as judgment clearly is, that so often this word and concept is itself minimized, turned into a reverred meme and judged.  I am starting to think that judgment is as misunderstood as guns: harmless if respected for what it is, useful in the correct context but dangerous if mishandled.

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