The Holy Grail Of Mommy Blogging

Mommy Blogging Has To Start Somewhere


My mommy blogging didn’t start until years after these sweet Joys were well in the rear view mirror.

Joy1 still calls me Mommy or Mama.  With Joy2, it’s usually Mom or Mama.  The Joys are teenagers now and that they still acknowledge that I have a part in their existence is rewarding enough that I am glad their term of endearment towards me is maternal in nature.

Mommy Blogs

The last few months, I’ve been reading a LOT of blogs and many of the ones that interest me are considered “Mommy Blogs”.  Interestingly, the majority of the Mommy Blogs that I have found are Mommies with babies, toddlers, kids, pregnant again with their content revolving around this era of Mommy hood.

Reading these blogs is reminiscent of sweet times, an innocence in parenting.  A clean mess that Mommies could bond, chat & drink coffee over on the playground or at bouncy-house birthday parties.  There was sincere despair in the plight for scheduled naps and frustration over the idea that the terrible two’s might last into the three’s.  Ah – but jokingly optimistic because the little cherub was napping and Mommy was falling in love all over again.


My Mommy World Has Shifted Gears

I think I read the young-age mommy blogs like a deer in the headlights.  My jaw is on the floor, eyes glazed over and drool driplets running down my chin, mentally numb until I startle myself awake in a massive chortle-snort-laugh-cry hysterical moment that I don’t completely understand but has become a Mama moment of sorts.  The teen thing, it just happened – I sorta saw it coming but denial was very real.

Moms can joke about the little oopsies when the progeny are still minding them.  Teens are a whole different animal.  It’s like they are having an out of body experience that the parents have to continue to support, guide and persevere, remember to breathe through with the hopes that the original kid will be back on the other side of the teens.  But they won’t be so much kids anymore – if all goes well, they will “viola” out the other side of the teen tunnel as functioning adults.  Well, likely over 18 anyways.

What’s Up With The Blog Hole?

Back to the Mommy Bloggers.  I get it that this is a genre specifically for Moms of babies and children and youth ages.  Some of these Mommy Bloggers are really popular, too.  I’m curious as to whether the Mommy Bloggers that started a decade ago have stayed the course through the all of Mommy-hood – cause I have seen the empty nest bloggers that seem to have blogs that date back a few years.

I would love to read some of these Mothers that have gone from mucus plugs to play-dates to slamming doors & menstruation to move-out of the home day.  I kneel in respect and will bow my head to read your stories.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the Baby/Toddler/Kidlet Blogs and I love the flown the coop blogs.  I need to read someone having stayed writing through the course, The Holy Grail of Mother Blogging.

Oh, to dream.

Finishing My Move In To WordPress

I am still in the process of moving into my digs here so go ahead and leave unsolicited advice.  There’s a limited time on that offer before I put on my sniper suit and start practice.  Cheers, everyone!

About theblogwoman

Bull-headed, focused, loyal. I pay attention. Don’t underestimate me: good and bad. Watch what happens when you start coming with me.
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5 Responses to The Holy Grail Of Mommy Blogging

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    I know what you mean! I often see a lot of mommy blogs that have small children and are in the baby phase. I;m in the kid phase and terrified of the teen years (I have three girls). Although I labeled myself a “mommy blog” I don’t know how much I actually post about being a mom. I really just like to clear my mind.
    I love this post, no sniper suit needed here lol Great post!! Let me know if you find the Holy Grail!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • theblogwoman says:

      Hi MamaLisa,
      Nice to meet you and thanks for saying hello! I know what you mean about labeling a mommy blog. I don’t think I can put myself in a box like that. I was reading a lot of those blogs and they were fun to read. I, too, like to just purge my brain. I look forward to getting to know MamaLisa’s blog:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. myipadography says:

    WeClone to WP, glad we found each other. Just wanted to stop by and enjoy your work and thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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