Mommy, I’m Finding Little Alive Bugs In My Hair

I made it through the weekend.  It was one of those that started off-balance and skidded and I slid and scraped and held on, pushing through the moments telling myself to just keep going.

Highs and Lows:

The High was 5am this morning when Joy1 woke me from a fairly deep sleep at the opposite end of her bed.  She was kneeling over me and saying, “Mama, wake up.  Mama, wake up.  Mama, wake up” and then a bunch of gibberish that I didn’t understand maybe because I am slow to wake up or maybe it was her delirium from the fever.  I reached up and touched her face and it was cool for the first time in 3 days.

My low – it was a hard weekend so that’s a difficult one to narrow down.  I really am gonna have to say it was early on in the game, Friday morning.  Without personal details, Joy1 needed to see the doctor who is located about 5 blocks away so I thought I would take her over there when they opened up and see if they could squeeze her in between appointments.

They said no way and referred us to a walk in clinic at the drug store.  This was upsetting because Joy1 had a fever but we headed to the clinic.  The clinic was unable to help us but referred us to an urgent care nearby.  At the urgent care, we were told that they did not take our insurance but we could pay cash.  We headed back to our primary physician and I begged but the fellow behind the counter had a firm No for me and reluctantly put us on the calendar for Monday morning.

My baby girl was feeling awful and I was helpless, a mother’s greatest low.

So, we had to ride the weekend out without the antibiotics that I knew she needed.  We struggled through the next 2 days, Joy2 content with his gaming and texting friends.  Joy1 was able to take Advil for the first 24 hours which helped keep the fever down and her able to drink and eat.  Unfortunately, ick caught up with us sometime Saturday and there would be nothing good until 5am Sunday morning.

8am – The fever had gone and I decided to go into work for a few hours, home by noon.  On my way home, I got a text from Joy1: “Mommy I’m finding little alive bugs in my hair I’m pulling them out please come home”.

She can be a little OCD and too often wants me to check her head cause it itches.  I texted her back to take a shower, wash her hair and I would be home shortly.  Thinking the shower would make her feel better, imagine my surprise when viola – lice.  Really?

To the store, lice kit.

Home, lice shampoo, wait, rinse, the dreaded combing the nits with the smelly gel and tiny comb.  Joy1 has hair to her waist so this was ridiculous.  The whole time I’m thinking that I’ve been within arms reach of her for the last 48 hours.  Me, too?  And to top it off, we had played musical beds over the weekend so we know what that means.

I finished the stanky lice treatment and slathered her long hair with coconut oil and wrapped her head in a towel, her body in a blanket and told her to lie in the hall and handed her an iphone.  Yay, snapchat.

While she lay in the hallway, Joy2 went over to Dad’s house, and Mama took a deep breath and started:

  • 11 loads of laundry, beds, towels, blankets…
  • vacuumed all the carpets
  • lice sprayed the furniture
  • another trip to drugstore for more spray and detergent
  • lice sprayed the carpets
  • remade all of the beds

Managed dinner, dishes, trash, and finished the last of the laundry: 9pm

Now it’s 11:30pm Sunday night and pup is asleep next to me, Joys are asleep in their beds.  Monday will start like every other week as if this had been any other weekend.  And when somebody asks, I’ll say, “It was good thanks.  How was your weekend?”

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19 Responses to Mommy, I’m Finding Little Alive Bugs In My Hair

  1. keen peach says:

    Oh my gosh! Poor thing! What a nightmare. You have such a great attitude about the whole thing. Good mom. 🙂

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  2. Oh, geez. Not that it’s ever a competition, but you “win” for worst weekend ever. I am so sorry, and I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how NO ONE would treat you at three medical facilities. Disgraceful! We need a public healthcare system that actually works. I’m glad she feels better now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • theblogwoman says:

      Parents of teens share a nasty set of bragging rights, for sure. Thank you for your empathy.

      And a big, fat,YES, Obamacare is the reason we couldn’t get help at the medical facilities. In fact,
      I told the Joys they can only get sorta sick, so I think Joy1 was triple dipping on minor ailments so that she could stay within the guidelines. 😂😂😂

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  3. Ack– lice is really rough — on the whole household !

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  4. It’s a long time in the past for me now, but when one of them is ill, your stomach does crazy loops as you try and make decisions. Days like that are beyond tough. But you didn’t flunk it, you did all that immense laundry and probably beat the wretched beasts.

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  5. kkrige says:

    Oh lord I hear your pain on the lice front. As I am north of the border, I just don’t understand your healthcare, but I too have washed, picked, laundered, vacuumed the bejesus out of my world on more than one occasion. Lucky us had a neighbour girl that would get lice, treat the girl (maybe), but probably not the house, so would constantly reinfest (her and us as said girl was in my youngest’s class at school). That is until she showed up at school with a shaved head.

    No more lice! For either her or my household.

    Here’s hoping you eradicated them. They SUCK!

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  6. Ha. Quite the ending. Yep, it was fine, thanks. So much easier than relaying the details over and over. Like people really are asking for that when they ask about your weekend anyway. Sigh. Thank goodness for blog outlets!

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  7. amommasview says:

    Bloody lice! Hate when that happens!

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  8. erikakind says:

    OMG, What a relaxong weekend. I was always standing beside myself when one of the kids got ill. There where times the three took weekly turns during one winter season. And lice…. I was horrified when my youngest one came home from school and showed me his head and cap – lice all over, no problem to find them. When his older brother came home and ckecked him I also found some on him. Thank God at least our daughter was free of them…. and we!

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  9. Yes, you poor thing. What a nightmare. Hopefully Joy1 is now 100% herself and the lice have gone bye bye for good and once and for all.

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