OM – Harsh Reality: The Latest Terrorist Killing

I never saw one piece of spam by OM. His blog was one I sought out daily, reading the posts I wanted and ignoring what didn’t interest me.

My guess is that enough people complained and probably lied cause they didn’t like this blog and rather than block it they decided to set a bomb off inside and kill it.

The people that targeted OM are terrorists. They don’t care that there are casualties, the innocent ones that die when you kill your target. His readers have lost his extreme expression that each chose to read for their 51,000 reasons.

They may think it is worth it to rid the earth of this blog they feared: He was indeed An Opinionated Man.

His byline was that he wanted to offend every one of his readers at least once, to remind each of us that we aren’t all that. People were offended and his audience grew.

He wrote poetry, shared his struggles with depression, addiction, loss, and he supported his readers no matter what they wrote. He would get angry, poke fun, expose his own harsh reality. He was not inherently mean.

OM was a power blogger who may quit blogging now or he may find a new blogging home. In the end, this is because WordPress is a business and is here to make money – WordPress is not about freedom of speech.

**OM – If you build it, they will come.

About theblogwoman

Bull-headed, focused, loyal. I pay attention. Don’t underestimate me: good and bad. Watch what happens when you start coming with me.
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31 Responses to OM – Harsh Reality: The Latest Terrorist Killing

  1. Well written, am in total agreement!

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  2. jay352 says:

    Think about the timing. It was right after an article on religion.


  3. Very good post you wrote here, and very true

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  4. Willowwisp says:

    I love his style. I really do. I find humor in a lot that he says… even when I disagree.

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  5. idiotwriter says:

    Good post. I agree with your final point. It is not JUST about freedom of speech – but they HAVE done a good job of shutting down HIS freedom to reach people with his speech. Is that REALLY a reputation WordPress would like to have? As supporters of terrorists, as you call them? If you Please consider supporting the petition to have WordPress read all the comments in defence of Jasons character NOT being a spammer that bloggers have left with their distaste for this ruling.

    If you cannot find the post – I can leave you a link to it. But it is right at the top of the post you commented on – πŸ™‚

    I personally am not happy to just kiss it off and wave goodbye as we wish him luck – not after all he has done for so many people. Surely – we try to help the guy out by doing something UNITED under ONE roof – AS WELL as allowing it to inspire us to write such posts as this one you have created?

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    • theblogwoman says:

      I will read the petition, yes.

      The rest of what I see is a much larger picture. Posts and fury positioned in the name of Jason’s best interest but he’s not saying this is what he wants.

      As much as I support freedom of speech, WordPress is privately owned and can make up their own rules. What about all the free blog space they offer the public? They have rules that we agree to when we play here. It’s their right to refuse service if they don’t like what someone is doing.

      As much as I like OM and his blog, I understand business – I guarantee you that OM has a strong grasp of business, which is what power blogging is and what a lot of Jason’s teaching was about.

      That Korean Kat will land on his savvy business feet.

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  6. He’s not gone yet. And if he does leave, I’m sure he will be back in some form, maybe not through WordPress but somewhere that we can all find him. No one with 51,000+ followers is simply going to give up with a fight.

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  7. stephsgrn says:

    So very well said!!!

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  8. stephsgrn says:

    Reblogged this on The Voices In My Head and commented:
    This is very well said and I agree whole heartedly!


  9. Trish says:

    Very well said!!

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  10. Fiona says:

    Thank you for putting this out. I had hought of doing something, but decided against it. Ironically because of something I learned from Jason: stay true to your (blogging) goals. That said, I endorse all these comments and understand the tensions in a business environment. The paradoxes…. I do hope Jason will be back. He needs some time to lick his wounds before emerging stronger than ever!

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    • theblogwoman says:

      There are a lot of layers to this onion, or cake. I don’t think that anyone on the outside can pressume to know and Jason should not be underestimated.

      Stay true to your blogging goals. I like it, thanks OM πŸ™‚


  11. theblogwoman says:

    Yes, thank you for coming in and joining this conversation. I have met some really thoughtful, interesting people through OM, you included:)


  12. Good story thank you… and IAM going to enjoy following your journey here too… Barbara


  13. Lily Lau says:

    Completely agree with you, I wouldn’t have said it better! I’m sure he’ll be back really soon.

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  14. Bitey Dog says:

    OM inspired me to take chances. I am so sorry he is not part of this community anymore. : – (

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  15. OM is strong in his tagline to tell others about himself. He is daring yet creative. He even connects to my every comments πŸ™‚

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