Get Your Own Teen, This One’s Mine

Dog Camoflauged In Teen Bedroom

Where’s Waldo?

It’s Thursday of finals week for Joy1.  It is her sophmore year so these grades are really counting towards her overall GPA.  Today she has World History and Math.  There was some serious cramming going on last night.

For those of you that don’t have my teen girl living with you, this is the state of the crate I keep her in:

Teen Girl Stuff

This is where & how my Teen Girl makes herself beautiful.

Messy Teen Room

This is what finals cramming looks like.

From the looks of the after drop-off perusal, she will get a B on the World History Final, possibly an A on the Math final, looks smashing and smells fantastic – most importantly it’s a good hair day.

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9 Responses to Get Your Own Teen, This One’s Mine

  1. Awwww….this post was priceless!
    My teen girl is now a 20-year old studying to be a nurse. She sent me Snapchats from her crate last night…it appears that she’s been cramming for tests, too!
    Best wishes to your kiddo – with all your positive energy and love there is no way she will fall short!

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  2. Willowwisp says:

    Want a few more???

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  3. It does remind me of my own daughter. 😀

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