I Miss Being Fearless And Inspired


That Box In The Back Of The Closet

Assignment on Embarassment


Too dim, four whited and high

Not easy for fast tickers!

Encouraging all reserved by

Men!  Paltry and nimble and permitting.

Salty boys,

Sickly boys,

Aggravated assy boys.

Right on edge, a tramp-sniff, sniff

Rigid rank, a stank.

Agit-train, pass along, rattle, delft, rattle

Bloch, cough, tumult, go –

Mighty male, turbulation of –

Em.  And her bare ass men.

(theblogwoman) dated 8Aug88.  The professor wrote comments and I look back now and wished I had followed through with him and the creative writing he taught.  It was fearless and inspired.  Back then, I was fearless and inspired.

About theblogwoman

Bull-headed, focused, loyal. I pay attention. Don’t underestimate me: good and bad. Watch what happens when you start coming with me.
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3 Responses to I Miss Being Fearless And Inspired

  1. You can be still. In fact, you can be either and both at the same time. Fear can be inspirational and inspiration can be frightening. They key in any event is action. These feelings kept just behind you, nipping at your heels, can spur you on. That’s my experience, anyway. Keep a-going.

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  2. Willowwisp says:

    Don’t you know that everything is better with age?? Wine, cheese, bananas…
    But not milk. Don’t be milk. Be wine.
    Be fearless.
    Or drink enough wine until you are fearless. Haha.. (are ya laughing yet?)
    I agree with 👆 J Hardy up there. Fear can be inspirational… drink it in sista.

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