Droopy Ass Jeans – Then and Now

Ogling A Few Last Pages From The Dusty Box


Caption: In 1980 the boy with the baggy jeans was my boyfriend and I took this photo for my photography class which is why it is on the cardboard backing.  He was on the wrestling team and was dropping weight to get into a lower weight class for a tournament.  In those days, droopy jeans were never seen worn like this and why this was an edgy pic.


Damn, I’m loving my dusty old box this week.  I will put it away in a day or so cause it will be time to move on.

But there are still many pages blank in the Summer of 1988 Literature composition book that I have already started writing in again.  It is exciting, indeed, what these words and memories have inspired..

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13 Responses to Droopy Ass Jeans – Then and Now

  1. Good pic…hhhmmm or blackmailing material :),
    By the way, How did you do your “Fog o Thought” widget? I am trying to insert a blog roll and this would be perfect!!

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  2. I just realised that your boyfriend’s moony pause made a cameo appearance on “My trending” widget and anyone who is following me will see it. This my be trending quite a bit in the wordpress phere! :).

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  3. I recently found a diary that I wrote in from 6th grade to my early 20’s. It’s neat to look back and really take to heart who we are, where we’ve been, and really appreciating our journey.

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  4. Wow. Gross. Wasn’t that uncomfortable? Did the man not wear any underwear? How did he feel about you using that for a class? At least his face isn’t showing. Well, not the one on top anyway.

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  5. WeaverGrace says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I hope that you noticed my novel excerpts; it takes place in 1980, based on my memories of the time. When I saw the photo that you posted here, I was sure that it was more recent. I can confirm that droopy-assed jeans was NOT the style then!

    I wish I still had my old notebooks/diaries. I’m glad that you are reading and being inspired by yours.

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  6. Steve says:

    In Australia, we commonly call it a “plumber’s crack” 🙂

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