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Simple Wisedom Of Old Rock

–I post this tonight with my daughter’s boyfriend in mind.  He is a 16 year old young man who lost his only sibling, his older brother, to cancer 3 years ago.  Still struggling with this huge loss, he faced last … Continue reading

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Push Harder And Deeper. Yes, Again, Don’t Stop

It didn’t start the way I expected – this year, or even today. But I found myself begging to have my immediate needs satisfied.  Harder.  Deeper.  Make it hurt until I feel better.  I question if what I am doing … Continue reading

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Unwed Mothers Around The House – More Casual Facts About My Adoption

He handled our adoptions and adoptions of others. Apparently, this was no secret. Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know You Were Adopted

Hell no, I hadn’t snooped in Dad’s desk files. That was a bunch of legal paperwork junk, why would I? Continue reading

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Get Your Own Teen, This One’s Mine

It’s Thursday of finals week for Joy1. From the looks of the crate I keep her in, studying went late into the night and she will likely do well on her exams but most importantly she will look maaahvelous. Continue reading

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Mommy, I’m Finding Little Alive Bugs In My Hair

I made it through the weekend.  It was one of those that started off-balance and skidded and I slid and scraped and held on, pushing through the moments telling myself to just keep going. Highs and Lows: The High was … Continue reading

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Christmas Is Over And Our Family Is Changed

Days Of Christmas 2014 Photo Bombing Are Done (Photos removed by me to preserve privacy) I peeled back my eyes slowly and I could see it was daylight.  The apartment is cold but very quiet, everyone is still sleeping off … Continue reading

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